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Condolence to Dr. Albert Carron

We are so sorry and shocked to learn of Dr. Albert Carron's death and we want to express our most sincere sympathies to his family during this difficult time.

We appreciate his long- term dedication and enthusiasm brought into the field of sport psychology by his great achievement. His finding in team cohesion and dynamics has brought the field into a new era of research and paved the way for the following investigations.

He will be remembered not only for his research and applied expertise, but also for his willingness and passion to share his life with people he has worked with. It would be difficult to measure the impact he has had on many colleagues', students', and athletes' lives professionally and personally.

We are very sorry to have lost such a remarkable figure and good friend. Please accept our condolences.
With sincere sympathy

Gangyan Si, PhD
President of International Society of Sport Psychology

New Book--Routledge Companion to Sport and Exercise Psychology

Written by an international team of expert contributors, this unique global and authoritative survey explores in full but accessible detail the basic constructs and concepts of modern sport and exercise psychology and their practical application.

The book consists of 62 chapters, written by 144 contributors, deriving from 24 countries across the world. The chapters are arranged in nine cohesive sections: sport and exercise participants; the influence of environments on sport and exercise; motor skills; performance enhancement; building and leading teams; career, life skills and character development; health and well-being enhancement; clinical issues in sport psychology; and professional development and practice. Each chapter contains chapter summaries and objectives, learning aids, questions, exercises and references for further reading.

Its comprehensive scale and global reach make this volume an essential companion for students, instructors and researchers in sport science, sport and exercise psychology, psychology, and physical education. It will also prove invaluable for coaches and health education practitioners.

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The deadline for abstract submission of ASPASP 2014 in Tokyo, Japan, has been extended to March 7th

Announcement--sad news

Professor Atsushi Fujita, the former president of International Society of Sport Psychology, Asian and South Pacific Association of Sport Psychology, Japanese Society of Sport Psychology, died on 15th January, 2014 by organ (liver) failure in the hospital, in Tokyo.

Professor Fujita was an important leader of the ISSP. He devoted much time and energy for the ISSP establishment and the dissemination of Sport Psychology world-wide. He was also a wonderful friend of sport psychology colleagues in all over the world. He was kind, humorous, friendly without bias nor discrimination. All sport psychology colleagues and friends regard him as a man of honor and a role model for them both personally and professionally. His passing away is really a huge loss for ISSP and for the International Sport Psychology. All of his friends will always miss him, and we shall continue to carry on his legacy for the generations to come.

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Dear ISSP supporters,

Starting from 2014, ISSP offers a 3+1 package for PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIP ONLY. You pay 3 years of professional membership fee (i.e., USD50 x 3 = USD150) one time and you will enjoy a valid membership status until the end of 2017. The package provides 4 years of membership benefits that include 1) a total of 16 issues (4 issues per year) of IJSEP in both electronic and hardcopy versions; 2) lowered registration fee for the 2017 ISSP World Congress in Spain; 3) voting right for the next ISSP managing council election to be held in 2017. This is a time limited offer that will be ended by the end of 2014. We strongly encourage you to take the advantage of this offer. Please be noted, the amount of USD150 is based on the current price of the journal charged by the publisher. The amount is subjected to change if the publisher increases their charge.

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The 7th Asian-South Pacific Association of Sport Psychology International Congress

The 7th ASPASP International Congress will be held in Tokyo, Japan from 7 to 10 August 2014.For more information see The 7th ASPASP International Congress offical website,


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Dear all ISSP members:

We are so glad that many new members join the ISSP in the 2013 ISSP world congress hold in Beijing. In order to ask the IJSEP publisher mail the paper copies of IJSEP journal to all ISSP members, we try to contact with our new members to get the shipping address. But we are so sorry; we are still waiting for some responses from few members. Please find the hyperlink listed below. If you are the members we are seeking, please kindly contact us as soon as possible, provide us your email address and shipping address to Nicloas Chou, email



Athletes' Careers Across Cultures
Edited by Natalia B. Stambulova and Tatiana V. Ryba
Series: International Perspectives on Key Issues in Sport and Exercise Psychology.For more information, please download the file,please click me!!

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2015, 50th Aniversary of the ISSP Congress and Meeting in Rome And Orvieto, Italy

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