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Condolence to Dr. John Salmela

We are very sad to inform that our friend Dr. John Salmela has passed away on Oct. 29 2014. His funeral has been held on Oct. 30 2014. Here we want to express our most sincere sympathies to his family during this difficult time. The obituary for Professor Salmela can be downloaded here.

Condolence to Dr. Albert Carron

We are so sorry and shocked to learn of Dr. Albert Carron's death and we want to express our most sincere sympathies to his family during this difficult time.

We appreciate his long- term dedication and enthusiasm brought into the field of sport psychology by his great achievement. His finding in team cohesion and dynamics has brought the field into a new era of research and paved the way for the following investigations.

He will be remembered not only for his research and applied expertise, but also for his willingness and passion to share his life with people he has worked with. It would be difficult to measure the impact he has had on many colleagues', students', and athletes' lives professionally and personally.

We are very sorry to have lost such a remarkable figure and good friend. Please accept our condolences.
With sincere sympathy

Gangyan Si, PhD
President of International Society of Sport Psychology

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