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2015, 50th Aniversary of the ISSP Congress and Meeting in Rome And Orvieto, Italy

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International Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology

You can register full member of the ISSP with a very low rate and receive 4issues per year of the International Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology(IJSEP), the official Journal of the ISSP. You will also have free electronic access to all issues of the IJSEP since its inception. Annual Rates:

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The ISSP is the oldest international society of sport psychology and its aim is the development of sport psychology throughout the world. With the publication of the IJSEP, the ISSP aims to provide an international forum for sport and exercise psychology and to facilitate communication among different areas of sport psychology and among sport psychologists from different cultural backgrounds. The ISSP also publishes books with international perspectives and organizes meetings and the World Congress of Sport Psychology at different regions. Members have the opportunity to interact with colleagues from different countries and they enjoy the benefits that are kindly offered by Taylor and Francis to ISSP members, including the very low subscription rate for the IJSEP and for the International Review of Sport and Exercise Psychology ($15 USD per year).Your association with the ISSP is very important for the promotion of sport psychology throughout the world.

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International Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology
Volume 12, Issue 4, 2014

1.Psychological pressure facilitates corticospinal excitability: Motor preparation processes and EMG activity in a choice reaction task 【Abstract】 Yoshifumi Tanaka, Kozo Funase, Hiroshi Sekiya, Joyo Sasaki & Yufu M. Tanaka pages 287-301

International Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology

2.Perfectionistic strivings and the perils of partialling 【Abstract】
Andrew P. Hill

3.A qualitative analysis of perceptions of venue: Do professional soccer players and managers concur with the conceptual home advantage framework? 【Abstract】
Melissa Fothergill, Sandy Wolfson & Linda Little

4.Sports participation and suicidal behaviour: Does sport type matter?【Abstract】
John F. Gunn III & David Lester

5.Are adult sportspersons and exercisers that different? Exploring how motives predict commitment and lapses【Abstract】
James R. Vallerand & Bradley W. Young

6.Self-presentational efficacy: Does it moderate the relationship between social physique anxiety and physical activity in university students?【Abstract】
Kimberley L. Gammage, Larkin Lamarche & Breanne Drouin

7.Personality traits and exercise dependence: Exploring the role of narcissism and perfectionism 【Abstract】
Kyle J. Miller & Christopher Mesagno

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