Presently there are four formats of recognition offered by the International Society of Sport Psychology.


The ISSP Fellow is a status bestowed on a member within a society, granted based on long-standing and continuous significant involvement in the society. The Distinguished International Sport Psychology Award and the ISSP Honour Award overlap to some degree with the proposed ISSP Fellow Status. The overlaps are in regards to a substantive contribution to ISSP or the broader global landscape of sport and exercise psychology.

What differentiates a Fellows status from the other awards already in existence, is that the ISSP Fellows status is a longstanding title bestowed upon an active ISSP member, as opposed to an award one receives in relation to a specific conference, which then becomes part of one’s past accomplishments. The Fellows status then becomes a title that can add to one’s credentials, so long as the ongoing requirements denoted for the title continue to be met.

The Distinguished International Sport Psychology Award

is the highest award given by the ISSP. This award is given in recognition of outstanding and distinguished, long term, original contributions to the advancement of sport psychology. These award recipients (a) Have made substantial and original contributions to research through peer-reviewed publications, articles in professional journals, books, and conference presentations, over a significant period of time; and (b) Be recognised for their academic and professional leadership in sport psychology at the highest level over a significant period of time.

Upon review of this award, it is bestowed upon one (in one occasion twice) longstanding member each four years at the ISSP Conference. There are also instances when a four- year cycle does not include an award recipient for this award. Presently there are only ten award winners listed at the ISSP website, spanning 1989-2017.

The ISSP Honor Award

is presented in recognition of significant contributions to national and international sport psychology through leadership, research, and/or other professional service. Award recipients meet the following criteria: (a) Hold a doctorate degree (or its equivalent) for a least 10 years standing; and/or (b) Have published extensively in recognized sport psychology and sport science journals; and/or (c) Have made a significant contribution in the areas of professional practice over at least a 10 year period; and/or (d) Have provided significant service to national and international professional societies over a period of at least 10 years.

This award has been granted with more frequency than the aforementioned Distinguished International Sport Psychology Award. From 1989-2017, 15 members were granted this recognition. Of these people, five members were granted this award during the inaugural launch, with ten additional members spanning 1993-2017. There are also instances when a four- year cycle does not include an award recipient for this award.

The ISSP Developing Scholar Award

is presented to developing sport psychologists in acknowledgement of their contributions to excellence in research and scholarly activity. This award specifically focuses on emerging scholars with no more than seven years post-graduation with a doctorate. This recognition is bestowed upon applicants who’ve achieved significant contributions to the global field of sport and exercise psychology within this formative time period of a career.

This award has been granted to ten ISSP members spanning 1993-2017. During each quadrennial conference since 1993, one or two members have received this distinction.

About ISSP

The International Society of Sport Psychology (ISSP) is an organization devoted to promoting research, practice, and development in the discipline of sport psychology throughout the world. The ISSP is a multidisciplinary association of scholars whose research interests focus on some aspects of sport psychology.

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