The ISSP Consultant Registry (ISSP-R)


In applied sport psychology, there are a number of national and regional certification and registered programmes for sport and exercise psychology practitioners; and many countries where there is no formalized programme for quality assuring the ethical and professional provision of sport and exercise psychology services to athletes, coaches, parents and organisations.

Given the mission of ISSP and in the spirit of globalization, internationalization, unification, and collaboration, the ISSP registration committee is in the process of establishing an internationally recognized consultant registry that represents the minimum standard of sport and exercise psychology practice. It is envisioned that the ISSP-Registry (ISSP-R) will respond to the high international mobility of both sporting clients and consultants as well as increase the visibility and credibility of the profession internationally. Importantly, it aims to augment the professional standards of the field with a particular focus on supporting those countries in which applied sport psychology is at a developing phase.

Progressing Eligibility for ISSP-R

With ongoing consultation, the committee is currently in process of finalizing the eligibility criteria for the ISSP consultant registry. However, we envisage ISSP-R eligibility to principly depend upon attainment of the following broad criteria and features:

  1. Individual membership in the ISSP.

  2. Payment of an application fee for administration and assessment of the submission to the Registry. An ISSP-R renewal fee will also apply (see later section).

  3. A B.Sc. degree in psychology, sport science or a related field.

  4. An M.Sc. degree in an area directly related to psychology or sport science. Within this postgraduate programme of study, there will need to be substantial ‘credit-bearing’ evidence of specific education in sport and exercise psychology within the programme curriculum.

  5. Evidence of applied work experience under supervision from a local or international supervisor who has been subject to an approval process (to be considered) by the ISSP Registered Committee. The number of hours are yet to be decided but these will substantively consist of post-MSc supervised experience hours in a range of sports and / physical activity contexts.

  6. A portfolio of applied work that is likely to consist of case studies of practice and developmental self-reflections of services and events encountered in practice. As discussed later, this portfolio will be pertinent if an individual’s National Association does not require such evidence as part of their training process

  7. Aligned with the specific interests of ISSP, a number of ISSP-specific courses are envisaged that will require applicants to demonstrate minimum multicultural competence, minimum knowledge in the use of technology in applied sport psychology, and ethical competence in line with the ISSP ethics code. These short courses may be face-to-face at ISSP events or online, and will need to be completed before ISSP-R status is finally confirmed. Provisional ISSP-R status may be awarded until the point of completion.

  8. Within any application, we envisage the following supportive content to be required: (i) Curriculum Vitae; (ii) letter of recommendation from the supervisor (supervisors) to document the required time spent in applied work and the required time spent with the supervisor; this will serve to support the submission of the portfolio of evidence noted above.

We will be looking to ‘register’ national organisations whose sport and exercise psychology certification or registered programmes meet the standards outlined above. Such organisations will be required to apply to ISSP (subject to an appropriate fee) and submit evidence to this effect. An organization which is successfully endorsed and quality assured by the ISSP Registered Committee will then be able to pass this benefit onto its registered members. In this case, we envisage that an individual applicant who is currently registered or certified by an ISSP-registered or endorsed organization will only need to provide: (i) an application letter with their organizational credentials/license number; (ii) evidence of ISSP membership; (ii) a reduced application fee; (iii) and their Curriculum Vitae. However, they will still need to complete the required ISSP specific education courses. As noted above, it is envisaged that such applicants will have a provisional ISSP-R status until such time that these courses are completed (i.e., within 6-12 months).

Insurance and Renewal

Liability insurance for a provider in one’s country to cover one’s work domestically, or abroad is an important consideration. At present, we envisage that liability requirements should be determined by the national standards/guidelines for practice where the consultant resides.

Finally, we envisage that renewal of registry status will be applicable every 6 years and an ISSP Continuing Education Program (CEP) will help to facilitate this. The criteria are yet to be decided here but will almost certainly require: (i) evidence of continuing practice and (ii) engagement with a certain number of CEP workshops (approved by the ISSP Registered Committee) and national/international conference attendance.


Registered Committee

Registered Committee

Dr. Chris Harwood, ISSP Accreditation Committee Chair
Dr. Robert Schinke, President International Society of Sport Psychology
Dr. Gangyan Si, Past President International Society of Sport Psychology
Dr. YoungHo Kim Vice President International Society of Sport Psychology
Dr. Artur Pocwardowski, Secretary General International Society of Sport Psychology
Dr. Kristoffer Henriksen, Managing Council International Society of Sport Psychology
Dr. Jolly Roy, Managing Council International Society of Sport Psychology
Dr. Franco Noce, Managing Council International Society of Sport Psychology

About ISSP

The International Society of Sport Psychology (ISSP) is an organization devoted to promoting research, practice, and development in the discipline of sport psychology throughout the world. The ISSP is a multidisciplinary association of scholars whose research interests focus on some aspects of sport psychology.

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